Holt Equity and Access Team

The HEAT team will seek to support the district’s vision statement (innovate, educate, inspire) by: creating equitable pathways for all students; disrupt and dismantle existing systems that are barriers to our potential; being agents of change who will seek, recognize, and seize opportunities to honor voices, surface issues, and promote equity. 

 Equity and Access Team Commitments 

  • Call out racism, sexism, and any other power dynamic that disenfranchises marginalized groups  
  • Intentionally create spaces to hear and respond to the needs of marginalized groups  
  • Push the conversation 
  • Take action and drive towards change
  • Build coalitions 

Get to know us better by viewing this video  "Around the Horn" H.E.A.T Video #1 .

HEAT was also a featured story on WILX. Please watch here

The Holt Equity and Access Team is made up of a diverse group of interested parents, faculty, staff, students, and administrators representing nearly every building in the district. We’re always looking for participants with a passion for empowering students, parents, faculty/staff, and the district as a whole to champion the above goals.

For more information on our team, please view this video: “Around the Horn” H.E.A.T. video #2 .

If you would like to join the Equity and Access Team in general, please email us. 

If you would like to join one of our parent groups, please use the information below. Some of our buildings are still working to get a group up and running. If you don't see your building listed below, please contact our Parent Group Coordinators. 



  • Our goal is to have at least one H.E.A.T. parent group at every building in the district, in order to create a platform for parents to be welcomed, heard, and supported within their respective buildings, particularly parents who are underrepresented in the building and/or district. Groups are open to all interested parents/guardians and are led by parent volunteers with at least one faculty advisor. Please contact your building administrator for information on joining the building parent group. 
  • We are also running healing Circles and cohorts, led by trained community-based facilitators, for parents whose families have experienced unresolved discrimination and/or racialized trauma. Please email us if you would like more information. 
  • We provide mentorship programs for students in many different capacities. Please contact us if you are interested in your child receiving mentorship support.
  • We are also reviewing and revising our hiring practices in order to ensure a more diverse workforce
  • We are reviewing and revising our Codes of Conduct and Student Handbooks to ensure equitable and sensitive behavior systems
  • We are reviewing and revising the our curriculum to reflect greater diversity district-wide. 
  • We will host bias training for all staff, faculty, and admins throughout the district, as well as for parent volunteers.
  • We will produce and analyze annual/biannual surveys of students and parents to surface issues of inequity and follow up in concrete ways in a timely, healthy manner.
  • We are engaging in a district-wide systems analysis by an outside agency to gauge how the district is doing in regard to equity and access and where there’s room for improvement, including identifying clear next steps.

If you would like to report an event or experience of racism or other form of discrimination within Holt Public Schools, please contact us immediately.

To review our anti-discrimination procedures, including Title IX, please visit our homepage. 

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