High School Student Handbook

Dear Students and Parents:

Welcome to Holt High School. I look forward to getting to know each of you and in supporting your efforts to pursuing excellence. The faculty and staff have been working extremely hard to prepare for this school year. We invite the students and parents to be partners with us in helping to make this year highly successful. The students and community of Holt have a reputation for success and we want to continue to build on that tradition.

The Student Handbook has been prepared as a source of important information for students and parents about the school. The contents of the Student Handbook include information about our mission, processes, school calendar, contact information, clubs and activities.

Every student should read over this information with their parents. It is important that all students and parents understand all of the content within the Student Handbook as it will help to make this year a success.

If ever you have questions or need my assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me or any other faculty member. Information about Holt High School can be found her on our website.


Michael Willard,

Innovate: We innovate to solve complex problems.

We acknowledge that students come to school with a wide variety of experiences, skill sets, content knowledge, and expectations. We work to use innovative thinking, technology, resources, and solutions to develop our educational processes in such a way that all students have opportunities for authentic problem solving and applications of knowledge. Rather than view school in a traditional manner, we seek to view school as a vital part of student pathways to finding a career that is both fulfilling and successful. The educational foundation students receive at Holt Public Schools will afford them opportunities to practice the types of skills that will be applicable throughout their lives. We also recognize that sometimes solving complex problems means being meta-aware of the learning process and the complexity that comes with learning abstract and nuanced material. To think innovatively requires us, students and teachers alike, to recognize that learning is meant to be both difficult and rewarding, often at different times for different students. We want to ensure we have processes to support students when the learning is difficult, and celebrate with them when they find it rewarding. We are willing to take risks with our thinking in order to grow our ability to problem solve.

Educate: We educate to achieve our goals.

To reach educational goals, students need different supports at different times, as well as acknowledgement of the goals they seek to achieve. We recognize that achieving goals is important, and that the journey of growth towards accomplishing those goals is particularly valuable. The learning process focuses on both providing supports to students who need a different pace regarding instruction, as well as recognizes how important it is that initial instruction be as robust and impactful as possible. We begin with a strong foundation of instruction with clear goals, and we respond with appropriate measures to ensure all students are given opportunities to illustrate proficiency on these goals, either due to more instruction, more reflection time, or more collaborative energy.

Inspire: We inspire efficacy to make a positive impact on the world.

We seek to inspire in all our students a strong disposition regarding their ability to achieve and make a positive impact on their community. A part of this process is supporting their educational journey through multiple opportunities to illustrate their growth and consider their areas of interest. Students see academic struggle as a pathway of growth which will strengthen their ability to persevere on their own pathway towards a career and lifelong contributions to society.

Regular Full Day Schedule

Class time – 61 minutes (Main Campus) and 60 minutes (North Campus)

Hour Main Campus Transition Time North Campus
1st 7:30 am - 8:31 am   7:30 am - 8:20 am
2nd 8:36 am - 9:37 am 9 minute transition time to get back to North Campus 8:40 am - 9:40 am
3rd 9:46 am - 10:47 am 9 minute Nutrition Break at Main Campus 9:45 am - 10:45 am

10:52 am - 12:23 pm
*Lunch is 25 minutes*

"A" Lunch 10:52 am - 11:17 am
Class 11:22 am - 12:23 pm

Class 10:52 am - 11:53 pm
"B" Lunch 11:58 am - 12:23 pm

Lunch included in time and 7-minute transition time for students traveling from North Campus to Main Campus. Seniors catch the bus early at the end of lunch to make it back to the North Campus on time. 10:50 am - 12:20 pm
*Lunch is 25 min*

"A" Lunch 10:45 am - 11:15 am
Class 11:20 am - 12: 20 pm
Class 10:50 am - 11:50 am
"B" Lunch 11:50 am - 12:20 pm
5th 12:28 pm - 1:29 pm   12:25 pm - 1:25 pm
6th 1:34 pm - 2:35 pm 9 minute transition to get to Main Campus 1:35 pm - 2:35 pm

Early Release Schedule

Class time – 41-44 minutes at both Main & North Campuses

Hour Main Campus North Campus
1st 7:30 am - 8:12 am (42) 7:30 am - 8:12 am (42)
2nd 8:17 am - 8:58 am (41) 8:17 am - 8:58 am (41)
3rd 9:03 am - 9:44 am (41) 9:03 am - 9:44 am (41)
4th 9:49 am - 10:30 am (41) 9:49 am - 10:30 am (41)

10:35 - 11:46
*Lunch is 25 min*

"A" Lunch 10:35 am - 11:00 am (25)
Class 11:05 am - 11:46 am (41)

"B" Lunch 11:21 am - 11:46 am (25)
Class 10:35 am - 11:16 am (41)

10:35 am - 11:46 am
*Lunch is 25 min*

"A" Lunch 10:35 am - 11:00 am (25)
Class 11:05 am - 11:46 am (41)

"B" Lunch 11:21 am - 11:46 am (25)
Class 10:35 am - 11:16 am (41)

6th 11:51 am - 12:35 pm (44) 11:51 am - 12:35 pm (44)



Recognizing Academic Achievements of Students:

3.5 Senior Dinner

A recognition event for senior students who have maintained a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above throughout their senior high school career beginning with the first semester in 9th grade through the first semester of their senior year. The dinner is sponsored by the Holt Public Schools Board of Education for those seniors and their family, is by invitation only, and is held in the spring. Exchange students are not eligible.

Academic “H” Awards

Students in grades 9-12 who meet established criteria for academic excellence in the regular education curriculum will be awarded with an academic "H" letter. The first eligibility will occur at the conclusion of the 1st semester of the freshman year. Students who earn subsequent year awards will receive academic pins to be placed on their chenille academic “H” letter jacket. To earn an academic "H" award a student must meet one of the following:

  1. A 3.75 or higher GPA for a single semester marking period (using the total of the six grades for one report card). This award is based on the total GPA of the six (6) grades on the report card at the end of a semester (not on the cumulative GPA).
  2. Compete in good standing on the high school Quiz Bowl Team, Varsity Debate Team, or Science Olympiad Team through an entire season and receive a coach’s recommendation.
  3. Any band/choir student earning a 1st division rating in a solo or ensemble performance at the State Festival.
  4. Compete at the State level in an academic club/class competition. The following shows how to calculate the straight grade point average (not the cumulative GPA) by converting the letter grade into grading points.
  • A     4.00
  • A-   3.67
  • B+  3.33
  • B    3.00
  • B-   2.67
  • C+  2.33
  • C    2.00
  • C- 1.67
  • D+ 1.33
  • D 1.00
  • D- 0.67
  • E 0.00
Awards Night

Awards in the form of pins, certificates, letters and plaques are presented to students nominated by teachers, coaches, and clubs, as well as recognition for citizenship and service to the school. Award recipients and parents are notified by invitation.


Information about athletics and our athlete student handbook can be found at: https://holtathletics.org

Baccalaureate is a non-school, non-denominational religious event planned entirely by a senior student committee and held prior to Commencement.

BACKPACKS/POUCH/PURSE Students are expected to bring appropriate materials to class and store all other materials (including backpacks and large bags) in their lockers. Students who aren’t able to bring the appropriate materials to class without a bag may use a small, see-through bag. Students traveling between buildings are allowed to bring a standard backpack to their destination class after they have been approved by the office and been given a tag designating their backpack as approved. Students must place their backpack in their locker once they return to the campus where they have been assigned a locker. We recommend that all students buy a clear or mesh book bag that would allow them to transport their material to class. Holt Public Schools is not liable for lost or stolen items.

BOOKS – Textbooks, library books, teacher books loaned out Books assigned, loaned, or checked out become the responsibility of the student. The student will assume financial responsibility for any book lost or damaged. (Replacement copies will not be accepted in lieu of payment of fines.) If a student loses a book, the full replacement cost of the book will be charged. Refunds for lost books that have been returned will be honored for up to one year from the date of payment. If a book is returned with damage from water (or any other liquid), the full replacement cost of the book will be charged. (Liquid damage to a book results in mold/mildew formation which is a health hazard.) An example of calculating a single semester’s GPA: STUDENTS -- do not lend textbooks to anyone; do not leave books unattended; do not check out books for a friend. (Students are responsible for all materials that are issued to them.) Books left in lockers are the responsibility of the student. Fines may be charged for any loss or damage that occurs to books that have been left in lockers.

BUILDING HOURS The safety and welfare of our students is a high priority. To ensure all of our students are safe and well-supervised, the following time schedules for building supervision have been implemented. • The Main and North Campus’ are open from 6:45 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday, through Friday. Late Start Wednesday supervision is provided from 9:20 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. • The library and weight room are available for students to use from 2:45 – 4 pm Monday through Thursday • Students are not to be on school property before or after the times listed unless participating in a supervised activity. • Students must be with the advisor, teacher, or coach of the activity. Students cannot be unsupervised after school hours. If students are not being supervised by a school employee, they must leave the building. Parents of students who arrive before the start time or are delayed beyond the end time will be notified and asked to make alternate arrangements.

C.A.T.A. REDI-RIDE SERVICE CATA’s Redi-Ride service is available Monday through Friday between the hours of 6:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. The route runs from the high school to the student’s curb at home. Students can schedule a pick-up time by calling 517-394-CATA (2282) at least 4-hours in advance. The high school does not provide tokens or change for rides.

CLASS STATUS POLICY Students' grade placements are based on their total credits earned; students will not automatically be promoted from freshman to sophomore status or sophomore to junior status or from junior to senior status if they do not have the required number of credits. The following credits are required to be promoted to the next class status: Sophomore – 4 credits; Junior – 10 credits; senior – 16 credits. Total credits are based upon calculations in August to allow for the inclusion of summer school courses. Students are urged to keep track of their own progress toward graduation and consult with counselors for credit updates. Students' credits will be evaluated once annually prior to the beginning of the school year and students will be notified of class level no later than October 29. Implications: Students who wish to remain at class level, but who have failed courses, should consider the following options: Summer School, Michigan Virtual H.S., E2020 online courses, and LCC. Counselor approval prior to enrolling in any class outside the high school is required.

CLOSED CAMPUS Holt High School is a CLOSED CAMPUS - no guests permitted Students are to remain on campus until the end of the school day or until they have checked out in the Attendance Office. Students are not permitted to leave campus for lunch; deliveries from outside vendors OR someone bringing food in for lunch is not permitted. Students should bring their lunch or purchase from Food Service. Students who participate in programs outside the school campus (Career Center, Dual Enrollment, Work Experience, Mentorship) must sign out and leave campus at the appropriate time. A closed campus is much safer and does not cause the potential for tardies as an open campus would.

COMMENCEMENT – and Graduation Requirements Commencement is the final ceremony and activity for seniors. It is a dignified academic ceremony to honor the senior class. The program is as much for family, the school district, and the community as for the students. The event is highlighted by speeches given by members of the senior class, faculty, alumni, and Superintendent of Schools. Wearing the cap and gown singles out seniors, but participation in commencement exercises is not mandatory for receipt of a diploma. Seniors are named individually as they walk across the stage; they receive their actual diploma immediately following the commencement ceremony. Diplomas may be temporarily withheld if all fees and fines are not paid prior to commencement.

IMPORTANT GRADUATION ACTIVITY NOTICE Only students who meet the full graduation requirements will be allowed to participate in Baccalaureate and Commencement exercises. 11th grade TESTING GRADUATION REQUIREMENT – Holt Public Schools students must complete all components of the SAT/WorkKeys/M-STEP for the graduating class of 2020 and beyond during their 11th grade year. In the event that a student does not take the State required test or took the exam and did not receive valid scores, the student is required to retake all required State tests in their 12th grade year, unless excused by the High School Administration.

COMPUTER USE 7540.03 - STUDENT TECHNOLOGY ACCEPTABLE USE AND SAFETY Technology has fundamentally altered the ways in which information is accessed, communicated, and transferred in society. As a result, educators are continually adapting their means and methods of instruction, and the way they approach student learning, to incorporate the vast, diverse, and unique resources available through the Internet. The Board of Education provides Technology Resources (as defined in Bylaw 0100) to support the educational and professional needs of its students and staff. With respect to students, District Technology Resources afford them the opportunity to acquire the skills and knowledge to learn effectively and live productively in a digital world. The Board provides students with access to the Internet for limited educational purposes only and utilizes online educational services/apps to enhance the instruction delivered to its students. The District’s computer network and Internet system does not serve as a public access service or a public forum, and the Board imposes reasonable restrictions on its use consistent with its limited educational purpose. The Board regulates the use of District Technology Resources by principles consistent with applicable local, State, and Federal laws, the District's educational mission, and articulated expectations of student conduct as delineated in the Student Code of Conduct. This policy and its related administrative guidelines and the Student Code of Conduct govern students’ use of District Technology Resources and students' personal communication devices when they are connected to the District computer network, Internet connection, and/or online educational services/apps, or when used while the student is on Board-owned property or at a Board- sponsored activity (see Policy 5136). Users are required to refrain from actions that are illegal (such as libel, slander, vandalism, harassment, theft, plagiarism, inappropriate access, and the like) or unkind (such as personal attacks, invasion of privacy, injurious comment, and the like). Because its Technology Resources are not unlimited, the Board has also instituted restrictions aimed at preserving these resources, such as placing limits on use of bandwidth, storage space, and printers. Users have no right or expectation to privacy when using District Technology Resources (including, but not limited to, privacy in the content of their personal files, e-mails, and records of their online activity when using the District's computer network and/or Internet connection). First, the Board may not be able to technologically limit access, through its Technology Resources, to only those services and resources that have been authorized for the purpose of instruction, study and research related to the curriculum. Unlike in the past when educators and community members had the opportunity to review and screen materials to assess their appropriateness for supporting and enriching the curriculum according to adopted guidelines and reasonable selection criteria (taking into account the varied instructional needs, learning styles, abilities, and developmental levels of the students who would be exposed to them), access to the Internet, because it serves as a gateway to any publicly available file server in the world, opens classrooms and students to electronic information resources that may not have been screened by educators for use by students of various ages. Pursuant to Federal law, the Board has implemented technology protection measures that protect against (e.g., filter or block) access to visual displays/depictions/materials that are obscene, constitute child pornography, and/or are harmful to minors, as defined by the Children’s Internet Protection Act. At the discretion of the Board or the Superintendent, the technology protection measures may be configured to protect against access to other material considered inappropriate for students to access. The Board also utilizes software and/or hardware to monitor online activity of students to restrict access to child pornography and other material that is obscene, objectionable, inappropriate and/or harmful to minors. The technology protection measures may not be disabled at any time that students may be using District Technology Resources, if such disabling will cease to protect against access to materials that are prohibited under the Children’s Internet Protection Act. Any student who attempts to disable the technology protection measures will be subject to discipline. The Superintendent or Director of Technology may temporarily or permanently unblock access to websites or online educational services/apps containing appropriate material, if access to such sites has been inappropriately blocked by the technology protection measures. The determination of whether material is appropriate or inappropriate shall be based on the content of the material and the intended use of the material, not on the protection actions of the technology protection measures. Parents are advised that a determined user may be able to gain access to services and/or resources on the Internet that the Board has not authorized for educational purposes. In fact, it is impossible to guarantee students will not gain access through the Internet to information and communications that they and/or their parents may find inappropriate, offensive, objectionable or controversial. Parents of minors are responsible for setting and conveying the standards that their children should follow when using the Internet. Pursuant to Federal law, students shall receive education about the following: A. safety and security while using e-mail, chat rooms, social media, and other forms of direct electronic communications B. the dangers inherent with the online disclosure of personally identifiable information C. the consequences of unauthorized access (e.g., "hacking", "harvesting", "digital piracy", "data mining", etc.), cyberbullying and other unlawful or inappropriate activities by students online, and D. unauthorized disclosure, use, and dissemination of personally-identifiable information regarding minors Staff members shall provide instruction for their students regarding the appropriate use of technology and online safety and security as specified above. Furthermore, staff members will monitor the online activities of students while at school. Monitoring may include, but is not necessarily limited to, visual observations of online activities during class sessions; or use of specific monitoring tools to review browser history and network, server, and computer logs. Building principals are responsible for providing training so that Internet users under their supervision are knowledgeable about this policy and its accompanying guidelines. The Board expects that staff members will provide guidance and instruction to students in the appropriate use of District Technology Resources. Such training shall include, but not be limited to, education concerning appropriate online behavior, including interacting with other individuals on social media, including in chat rooms, and cyberbullying awareness and response. All users of District Technology Resources (and their parents if they are minors) are required to sign a written agreement to abide by the terms and conditions of this policy and its accompanying guidelines. Students will be assigned a school e-mail account that they are required to utilize for all school-related electronic communications, including those to staff members, peers, and individuals and/or organizations outside the District with whom they are communicating for school-related projects and assignments. Further, as directed and authorized by their teachers, they shall use their school-assigned e-mail account when signing-up/registering for access to various online educational services, including mobile applications/apps that will be utilized by the student for educational purposes. Students are responsible for good behavior when using District Technology Resources – i.e., behavior comparable to that expected of students when they are in classrooms, school hallways, and other school premises and school sponsored events. Communications on the Internet are often public in nature. General school rules for behavior and communication apply. The Board does not approve any use of its Technology Resources that is not authorized by or conducted strictly in compliance with this policy and its accompanying guidelines. Students may only use District Technology Resources to access or use social media if it is done for educational purposes in accordance with their teacher's approved plan for such use. Users who disregard this policy and its accompanying guidelines may have their use privileges suspended or revoked, and disciplinary action taken against them. Users are personally responsible and liable, both civilly and criminally, for uses of District Technology Resources that are not authorized by this policy and its accompanying guidelines. The Board designates the Superintendent and Director of Technology as the administrators responsible for initiating, implementing, and enforcing this policy and its accompanying guidelines as they apply to students’ use of District Technology Resources.

COUNSELING OFFICE - located in the east office complex (office to the left inside the main doors) at the main campus. At the north campus the main office houses the counselor, Ms. Schaeff. She will handle most senior counseling questions and concerns. Students are assigned to counselors by an alphabetical division by last name. Ms. Kim Reichard 699-3406 A - G Mr. John Conner 699-6940 H - O Ms. Nicole Lown 699-6939 P - Z Ms. Lindsey Schaeff 699-1218 Seniors at North Campus Ms. Jaeina Limbo 699-1219 College Advisor at North Campus Please make an appointment in advance to see your counselor. Check with the counselor’s secretary – a pass will be sent to your class to allow you to come to the counseling office. Counselors are available during the instructional day. Evening appointments can be made. In addition to helping students plan their high school program, the counselor can provide information on the Career Center, colleges, vocational schools, military opportunities, decision-making, personal issues and a host of other areas.

ALL AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITIES Students may be denied entrance in to after school games and events for outstanding detentions.

DANCES & PROM • All students must have a pre-approved prom application prior to purchasing a ticket. • General dances: Holt students only. • Prom: guests must be pre-approved and 19 years of age or under. • All school rules apply • Must have a school I.D. for entrance. • School appropriate dancing only

PROM – We have attempted to minimize and check the ever-increasing cost to students. We also stress that it is a semi- formal dance with tuxedos and long formals as optional dress choice. Members of the junior class and their advisor organize the Prom. Juniors and seniors are allowed to bring one outside guest/date per student. This guest/date must be pre-approved by the attendance office and must be 19 years old or younger. Pre-approval can be achieved by picking up a Guest Request form from the Attendance Office. The entire guest request form must be completed and returned to the attendance office one week prior to the Prom date. Unfortunately, some guests may not be approved.

EMERGENCY PROCEDURES ♦ Fire Drills: Six (6) fire drills are scheduled during the school year. In the case of a fire alarm please exit quickly and efficiently out the nearest door to the classroom, hall, or office you are in at the time. Check signs in the hallways and classrooms for specific directions for fire and tornado information. Please stand at least 100 feet away from the building during a fire drill. Students are assigned to counselors according to the student’s last name. ♦ Tornado Drills: Two (2) tornado drills are scheduled during the school year. In the case of a tornado alarm please move to the designated areas of shelter listed on the signs in each classroom area and follow the tornado procedure protocol. ♦ Safety Drills: Two (2) safety drills are scheduled during the school year. An administrator will indicate a safety drill via public address. Any student that may be in the hallway at the time of the drill should go to the nearest classroom. All teachers are to shut and lock their classroom doors. Security will be responsible for checking all halls, doors, bathrooms, etc. Security will report upon completion of this check.

EMERGENCY SCHOOL CLOSING There may be times when all students must evacuate their school building and be sent home during school hours because of a gas leak, fire, water failure, power failure, impending snowstorm, or for some other reason. These procedures have been established to ensure the safety of students under such circumstance. Grades 9-12 1. In an emergency, students will be dismissed to go home per their normal means of transportation to and from school. Students who indicate problems with proceeding home will be assisted, and school phones will be made available to contact parents as the situation or demand allows. 2. District administration will contact local radio/TV stations to advise parents of an emergency. Refer to www.wlns.com for school closing information. 3. Parents are responsible for developing emergency plans with their children to establish procedures for a student arriving home with no adults present.

FAMILY ACCESS – online sign up begins at www.hpsk12.net Parents/guardians and students can sign up for Family Access via the Holt Public Schools district website at www.hpsk12.net. Families will have ability to view the following information: • Student Information: View the information the school has on record as well as an e-mail link to the school office in case updates need to be reported. • Grade Book: View cumulative grades for each class, assignments, final grades, and see missing classroom work not yet turned in by your child. E-mail teachers with questions or concerns. • Message Center: Check for messages from your child’s teacher and respond to them. • Attendance: A convenient calendar allows parents to review absences at a glance. You can also send absence notifications from this area. • Schedule: View your child’s current schedule. • Food Service: The balance in your child’s account showing data regarding what your child has been eating (lunch, snack, etc.) or call the Food Service Office at 699-1111. • Report Cards: Ability to view your child’s report card and print it. Questions about Family Access login or passwords should be directed to Information Systems at 699-1109. All assignments that are to be graded shall be put into Family Access within a week, and major assignments (constructed response, essays, etc.) shall be put in within two weeks. Exceptions to this rule for pedagogical reasons or extenuating circumstances need to be communicated to the parents (must be sent to parents via the message center and when possible put into the syllabus). Large writing assignments such as research papers or vignette anthologies may take 2-3 weeks to be graded to allow for proper feedback to be given to students.

FIELD TRIPS Occasionally field trips are planned to enhance the educational experience. Classroom rules and the dress code are to be observed when on field trips. Follow the directions of the teacher sponsor carefully if you are scheduled to go on a trip and turn in permission slips and money on time. FINAL EXAMS Please take note: the calendar in this handbook lists all final exam dates for each semester. Plan personal/family events accordingly to the best of your ability. All students are expected to take their final exams on the posted dates. Students who need exam make up days may do so after the final exam week by making prior arrangements with the high school Principal. Final exams are held at each semester’s end. Students are guaranteed only two tests per day with afternoons free to study for the following day’s exams. Semester exam grades will not exceed 20% of the total semester grade.

FINAL EXAMS - Senior Exemption – Attendance Incentive All seniors are expected to take final exams. The Senior Exam Exemption Incentive is a reward for good attendance and showing proficiency in a particular subject area. Senior students who have accumulated four or fewer absences with none unexcused, two or fewer tardies, or a cumulative grade of a B- in a class during the second semester of their senior year may be excused from the final exam in that class. Qualifying students must request exemption from the exam and verify their qualification with the teacher in charge of the class. Students who are excused from final exams will be excused for the scheduled exam times. The final date of attendance necessary to qualify under the four or fewer excused absence rule will occur on the day before final exams are scheduled. The final date of proficiency necessary to qualify under the B- rule will occur 6 school days before final exams are scheduled. Second semester exams will always be scheduled on the last day of school for seniors, which is the Tuesday after memorial day. If needed, students will be scheduled for exams the Wednesday after Memorial Day weekend. Students must check in with their teachers to request this. Any suspension is considered unexcused and requires the student to take the final exam in the affected class(es).

FOOD COURTS at the Main Campus – closed campus policy (no outside food deliveries; no leaving campus for lunch) Double lunch periods (A & B) facilitate serving up to 1,400 meals a day. Two food court areas are accessible from the commons areas, both with multiple serving lanes and serving food offerings to facilitate quick service. Lunch prices are reasonable, but financial help is available. Student Free or Reduced lunch applications are available from a food service worker or located in the student information rack on the staircase wall in the commons. Return forms to a food service worker. If you qualify you will be notified. Remember to keep food and drinks in the commons area.

FOOD COURT at the North Campus – closed campus policy (no outside food deliveries; no leaving campus for lunch) Lunch period at the North Campus can facilitate serving up to 400 meals a day in a café style environment. Lunch prices are reasonable, but financial help is available. Student free or reduced lunch applications are available from a food service worker or the school office; return the form to a food service worker. If you qualify you will be notified.

FOOD IN CLASSROOMS Food and drink can be consumed within the commons and concession areas of the building only. Water is allowed in classrooms. All students are expected to aid in the maintenance of the environment, including taking care of their litter and debris. Should a teacher allow food for a special circumstance, it is expected that the class would meet in the commons during that time or speak with administration regarding approval.

G.P.A. CALCULATION – “Term” and “Cumulative” The term GPA is the calculation average of grades for a single semester. The cumulative GPA is the calculation total of all grades for all semesters from 9 through 12 grade. The cumulative GPA will be reported at the end of each semester on a student’s report card and transcript. The term GPA will be used for determining the Academic “H” Award in the spring (see the Award description earlier in this handbook). The table below shows how to convert the letter grade into grading points. A 4.00 A- 3.67 B+ 3.33 B 3.00 B- 2.67 C+ 2.33 C 2.00 C- 1.67 D+ 1.33 D 1.00 D- 0.67 E 0.00

GRADUATION CEREMONY – See the “Commencement” section earlier in this handbook.

GUESTS IN BUILDING or VISITORS TO HOLT HIGH SCHOOL Students are not allowed to bring guests/visitors to school unless prior approval has been obtained from a building administrator. Any visitor with official business must be registered in the counseling office where he/she will be issued a visitor's badge that must be worn to all classes. Parents are welcome to visit during the instructional day but are asked to give a 24-hour notice to the Principal before the visit to classrooms. Parents/guardians/visitors/guests must check in at one of the school offices upon entering the building.

LIBRARY/MEDIA CENTER The John W. Chi Library, built and maintained in the memory of former student, John W. Chi, is the center of learning at Holt Senior High School. John graduated from Holt in 1973, after serving as president of the student governing body, achieving high academic success, and participating in many extracurricular activities. In 1975, while home on break from Yale University, his short life was ended in an accident. Thanks to donations from his parents, Holt residents Drs. Seong and Kiwhan Chi, the library was dedicated in the building at 1784 Aurelius Road in the fall of 1978. In 2003, the library was moved to the new high school facility at 5885 W. Holt Road. The library has enjoyed the continued financial support of John’s parents every year since its dedication. The Chi Library in the Main Campus is open from 7:00 a.m. (9:15 a.m. on Wednesdays) to 4:00 p.m. and during both lunch hours, unless otherwise posted. The library contains a complete collection of print resources and computers, and a teaching lab that can accommodate entire classes. Students may use the library for studying, reading, research, word processing, preparing presentations, and making photocopies. A pass from a teacher is required during class periods. Students are encouraged to use the print and electronic resources in the library; are expected to respect the rights of other students and staff using the facility by adhering to the school rules and using all resources in such a way that all can share them. An example of calculating the term GPA for a single semester: Algebra A 4.00 English 11A A- 3.67 Health A 4.00 French II A 4.00 Biology A A 4.00 World Hist B 3.00 22.67 divided by 6 classes Equals 3.77 Grade Point Average A certified library teacher, an adult library clerk, and several student aides staff the John W. Chi Library helping students make the best use of the library resources.

LOCKERS Backpacks, large purses and coats are to be stored in your locker during the instructional day. Report problems with theft, breakage, or if you can’t get your locker open to the attendance office. Students are allowed to decorate the inside of lockers with the use of magnets only to hold up their selected decor. PLEASE don’t use tape or adhesives of any type. Please use good judgment about the appropriateness of pictures and/or language displayed on your locker doors. Teachers and/or other adult school employees will remove material deemed inappropriate. Lockers are Property of the District All lockers assigned to students are the property of the Holt Public School District. At no time does the district relinquish its exclusive control of its lockers. Furthermore, the Board of Education authorizes the building principal or designee to search lockers and locker contents for any reason at any time, without notice, without parent/guardian or student consent, including random searches. Designated Holt Public School personnel shall have custody of all combinations and keys to all lockers. Students are prohibited from changing any keyed locks or combinations on any lockers. Legitimate Use of School Lockers Holt Public School District may assign lockers to its students for the student’s temporary use and convenience. Students are solely responsible for the contents of their lockers and are to use lockers exclusively to store school- related materials and authorized personal items such as outer garments, footwear, grooming aids, or lunch. Students shall not use the lockers for any other purpose, unless specifically authorized by the building principal or his/her designee, in advance of pupils bringing the items to school. Students should not share their lockers with other individuals nor divulge locker combinations to other students unless authorized by the building principal or designee.

MME TESTING The Michigan Merit Examination is the state assessment administered to all students enrolled in grade 11 in April and May of each year. The MME consists of three major components: the SAT college entrance examination, the WorkKeys job skills assessments in reading and mathematics, and Michigan assessments in science and social studies. The combined MME assessment measures student learning in the Michigan high school standards, benchmarks, and core content expectations. 11th grade TESTING GRADUATION REQUIREMENT – Holt Public Schools students must complete all components of the SAT/WorkKeys/MSTEP for the graduating class of 2020 and beyond during their 11th grade year. In the event that a student does not take the State required test or took the exam and did not receive valid scores, the student is required to retake all required State tests in their 12th grade year, unless excused by the High School Administration.

NUTRITION BREAK (10-minute passing) A 10-minute nutrition break provides an opportunity for students to purchase nutritious snacks, socialize and use the restrooms. This privilege and its continuance depend upon the responsibility of our students to keep the halls litter free. Students are not permitted to go to the parking areas during the break without a pass.

PARENT-TEACHER CONFERENCES Parent-Teacher Conferences provide a perfect opportunity for faculty and parents to meet and discuss the educational growth of students. The faculty feels strongly that Parent-Teacher Conferences can impact student performance in positive ways. Conferences for both the North and Main Campus’ are held in the commons area at the Main Campus during mid-term to offer time for improvement before the grade-reporting period ends. Parents unable to attend can arrange to speak with a teacher by emailing the teacher or calling 694-2162. 2019-20 Parent-Teacher Conference Schedule 9-12 grades Fall Semester Thursday, September 19, 2019 12:30pm-3:00pm & 5:30pm-8:00pm Spring Semester Wednesday, March 4, 2020 Thursday, March 5, 2020 5:30pm-8:00pm 12:30pm-3:00pm

PARTICIPATION FEES – for grades 7-12; this is a district fee schedule and does not preclude individual groups/activities from charging additional fees. NOTE: for families with participants in both athletic and non-athletic activities, please refer to the athletic fee schedule first, then the non-athletic fee schedule. Fees are one-time per year fees. All fees are non-refundable. Activity Individual Fee Non-Athletic + Athletic Fee(3) Fine Arts Academy/Musical/Play $110.00 $60 + Athletic Fee Debate/Forensics/Science Olympiad/Equations/ Clubs (International, Key Club, Quiz Bowl, Student Forum, SADD, PAL, Peer Resistance) $50.00 $35 + Athletic Fee (3) If a student participates in a district fee sport, the Non-Athletic fee is discounted. As stated above, once the Total Family Cap is reached, Non-Athletic fees are waived. No Charge: • Activities and/or clubs that do not have a Schedule B stipend paid to an employee that may not be listed. • Activities as class requirements: Marching Band, Choral performances and competitions, Newspaper, Student Government, NHS, NJHS, high school Yearbook, DECA Club. • Pit crew or Tech crew ATHLETIC INFORMATION (grades 7-12) Per student Free & Reduced Lunch Per student Total Family Cap Fee (1,2) Includes Junior & Senior High School-sponsored Athletic AND Non-Athletic activities Grades 9-12 = $180 Grades 7-8 = $120 Grades 9-12 = $90 Grades 7-8 = $70 $360 per family (Free & Reduced Total Family Cap Fee $230) (1) These Fees do not include sports that already are funded by means of participant fees. (2) Once Total Family Cap Fee ($360/$230 Free & Reduced) is reached, Non-Athletic participation fees are waived. In an effort to accommodate families with multiple students and students in multiple activities the District has put forth a varied payment plan. The District and our staff will make every effort to adhere to the schedule and minimize the cost to families. The District also accepts that families will have to monitor total costs to minimize their charges.

PASSES Students must have a pass:  to leave any classroom during instructional time.  to leave the building to go to the parking areas between 7:30 a.m. to 2:35 p.m.

PERSONAL CURRICULUM The intent of the Personal Curriculum is to increase the rigor and relevance of the educational experience. The use of a personal curriculum (PC) modification is allowed by state statute for only four reasons: 1.) a student wishes to modify the mathematics requirement; 2.) a student wishes to go beyond the academic credit requirements by adding more math, science, English language arts, or languages other than English credits; 3.) a student with a documented disability needs to modify the credit requirements based on his/her disability. 4.) a student who is transferring from out of state or in a nonpublic school and has already been enrolled in high school. The Personal Curriculum may also be an option for students with disabilities requiring specific modifications of the Michigan Merit Curriculum to ensure progress with their career pathway and postsecondary goals. Parent/ guardians requiring more information about the Personal Curriculum should contact the high school office.

REPORT CARDS/PROGRESS REPORTS The student earned grades will be available online to view through Skyward Family/Student Access. Paper report cards are not mailed out -- they are posted in Family Access for viewing. • Families are provided a web-based service named Family Access that allows parents, students and authorized family members to view “real-time” attendance records, schedules, food service balances, grades, assignments, progress reports. For details see “Family Access” earlier in this handbook. Parents may request a paper copy one time per semester by emailing the Counseling Office secretary, Mrs. Brown, at kathy.brown@hpsk12.net or calling her at 699-6925. Please leave a message about your request if she doesn’t answer. The report card will be available for student/parent pick up (after a 24-hour processing period) in the counseling office.

SCHEDULING Please see the high school Program Planning Manual for scheduling procedures and class descriptions at https://www.hpsk12.net/our-schools/high-school/guidance-and-counseling/

SCHOOL STORE – “H-TOWN” Students in Retail Management classes operate the school store during the school year; during lunch periods and 15- minutes before and after school. The store has a selection of H-Town spirit clothing and fan/cheering gear as well as beverages and snacks. Mr. Knechtel is the teacher/advisor. Call 699-6435 for store questions.

SECURITY & SURVEILLANCE Holt employs security staff who are on duty on school grounds and in the school each day to assist students and staff. They carry the same authority as faculty and staff. If approached by one, please cooperate. They are enforcing policies and making Holt High School a safer environment for learning. For your safety, there are digital recording surveillance cameras throughout the building and grounds. SENIOR ANNOUNCEMENTS, CAPS & GOWNS Herff Jones is the high school’s official provider for graduation attire and announcements to seniors. Orders are taken in November for senior announcements, caps and gowns (a deposit will be required at that time with final payment due when merchandise is delivered). Items are delivered in April or May. Information will be emailed home to allow parents/students to order online.

SENIOR PICTURES • It is the parents/students responsibility to inform your senior photographer of the following yearbook requirements. Please adhere to the following specifications. Most area studios are familiar with these requirements and can help with the selection of an appropriate portrait. If a student’s photo does not meet the following requirements, his/her photo will not be placed in the senior section of the yearbook. 1. One wallet-size copy of your picture must be received NO LATER THAN Friday, October 25 at 2:30 p.m. on either a disk (CD) as a high-resolution JPEG or TIFF image (300 resolution), as an email attachment to mfulton@hpsk12.net (300 jpeg dpi resolution), or as a high quality hard copy delivered to room E221 or E222 on school days before 3:00pm. Most large studios will send photos for all students directly to the school. Be aware that photos taken with digital cameras and printed on photo paper using an at-home printer are not of sufficient quality for the yearbook. Photos taken on digital cameras should be placed on a disk and submitted digitally. The deadline is based on the school’s contract for color printing with the publisher. The yearbook staff will not accept any photos turned in after 2:30 p.m. on Oct. 25, 2019. 2. Plain, single color, non-white background (no outdoor shots or bright patterns will be accepted; no background that includes trees or water). 3. Must be a traditional straight on, head and shoulder shot (no over-the-shoulder poses; no hands in photo; no soft-focus; no cameo finish; no special props, scenes, or outdoor poses.) 4. Must be turned in by the deadline to be in the senior section of the yearbook. 5. Photos are accepted as hard copy or in high resolution TIFF or JPEG format on CD or email. The yearbook advisor reserves the right to reject publication of any photo not meeting these requirements or HHS dress code requirements. Questions should be directed to Ms. Michelle Fulton, Yearbook Advisor, at mfulton@hpsk12.net. The DUE DATE of Friday, October 25, 2019 by 2:30 p.m. must be met in order to insure publication of your photo in the yearbook.

STUDENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (S.A.P.) Student Assistance is a program designed by a committee of Holt parents, students, school board members, community residents and school personnel. This program brings families, school personnel and community agencies together to provide a safe, stable environment for learning and offers help for students experiencing difficulties that interfere with social, emotional and/or academic development. Students may receive assistance by: asking for help from any core team or faculty member, PAL, or counselor; exhibiting problematic behaviors (things that get in the way of learning); disciplinary issues which may point to the need for help. All S.A.P. services run through the core team which is made up of trained school staff that meet on a regular basis to determine the most appropriate means of helping students. This team is responsible for communicating concerns with the student's family and linking the family with the screening agency when needed. A local agency, licensed by the State of Michigan, is the screening center for Holt Public Schools. When a referral is made from the core team, the screening center will assess the nature of the identified concerns and make recommendations. Recommendations may include additional support in school such as educational groups and/or referral to other human service professionals. The screening involves the parent/guardian and is offered at no cost to the family or the school district. (If a student's concern involves alcohol or drug issues, referral may be made without parental consent according to Public Act 241, of 1970, State of Michigan.) Students that enter in-patient treatment programs may be academically accommodated per the Student Assistance Program policy, which includes follow up services. The S.A.P. is here to help students and is completely VOLUNTARY. Maintaining the confidentiality of both the student and the family is essential at all times. Extreme care is taken to ensure their privacy. Student Assistance information is not included as part of a student's permanent school record.

STUDENT PARKING All vehicles driven and parked at school by student drivers must be registered by the end of the first week of each school year and display their parking permit as required. Applications are available in the attendance office at both buildings. Parking permits cost $5.00 and must be signed by a parent and the student. The driver of any vehicle (registered or unreildingsgistered with the school) in which contraband/controlled substances/paraphernalia is found will lose his/her parking privileges for the remainder of the school year. Violation of any terms of the student parking contract may result in a search of the registered vehicle (or unregistered vehicle), vehicle towing at the owner’s/student’s expense, disciplinary action and/or revocation of the parking privileges.

STUDENT RECORDS (Policy Concerning Review, Challenge, Disclosure and Maintenance of Student Education Records and Information.) Holt Public Schools hereby recognizes the following rights of parents or eligible students pertaining to student educational records: 1. The right to annually receive a statement of procedures governing access, disclosure and challenge of student educational records. 2. The right to review and inspect student educational records. 3. The right to request an amendment of a student educational record, including the right to challenge in a hearing, if necessary, the contents of any student educational record believed to be inaccurate, misleading or otherwise in violation of a student's legal rights. If after a hearing, the amendment or challenge is refused, the parent or eligible student is entitled to document any concern with that student educational record with that statement becoming part of that record. 4. The right to prevent disclosure of personally identifiable information, with certain limited exceptions noted within this policy, in the absence of that parent's or students prior written consent. 5. The right to file a complaint with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act office for alleged violations of this policy or federal laws. The Right to be Informed (see FERPA information in the beginning of this handbook) Parents or eligible students in attendance shall receive annual notice from the district of their rights pertaining to the collection, maintenance, challenges to and the dissemination of student educational records. This notice may be given personally, in the school newspaper, by letter, or in the student handbook. The notice shall state that full copies of the written policy of Holt Public Schools adopted by the Board of Education may be obtained and reviewed at the District’s Administration Office, 5780 W. Holt Road, Holt, Michigan 48842. Furthermore, Holt Public Schools will provide for the need to effectively notify parents of students identified as having a primary or home language other than English of their rights under this policy.

SUMMER SCHOOL Please contact the Counseling Office to inquire about your students’ academic progress and Summer School options for credit recovery. Information is emailed out in May about summer school registration.

SUPPLIES Students/parents are responsible for the supplies student’s use other than books. Students should come to class prepared with paper and pencils.

TESTING OUT OPTION Public Acts 123 and 124 require the school to grant a student credit if the student earns 1.) a qualifying score, (see below) or 2.) the student earns a qualifying score on one or more assessments developed or selected by the district that measures a student’s understanding of the subject area content expectations or guidelines that apply to the credit. The student must attain a grade of not less than C+ on a written assessment, or by exhibiting mastery through the basic assessment used in the course, which may consist of a portfolio, performance, paper, project, or presentation. The grade will not be included in the computation of the G.P.A. Once credit is granted by testing out a student may not receive credit for a lower course in that course sequence. The new law also allows students to test-out of any of the credit areas required for graduation and does not limit this to specific credit areas. The testing times will be at the end of May each year. One may register for testing out any time before May 15th. For information, please inquire in the Counseling Office.

TOP TEN ACADEMIC SELECTION The top ten academic senior students honored annually will be selected according to the following criteria: 1. The Academic Top Ten selections are based on eleven trimesters or equivalent semesters of full participation beginning with the 1st semester/trimester in grade nine through the 1st semester of grade twelve. 2. Students will have accumulated at least six (6) points from the listed classes or their equivalent during the prescribed eleven (11) trimesters or equivalent semester period. 3. Foreign Exchange students who qualify will be offered honorary status, but will not be considered as part of the final Top Ten list. 4. Transfer students must be enrolled by no later than the start of the school year their senior year to be considered. 5. Points may be accumulated through successful completion of the following courses with a minimum grade of 2.67. After successful completion, each of these courses are worth ½ point per semester: ** Each course earns ½ point per semester ** Honors English 9 Art Seminar Honors English 10 College Prep Physics Honors English 11 Chemistry II AP English Literature Honors Biology Honors Geometry Ancient Civilizations Honors Algebra A/B AP CPS Honors Algebra C/D AP Economics Advanced Algebra Topics AP Government AP Statistics AP World History AP Calculus French III, IV, V Dual Enrollment German III, IV, V Spanish III, IV, V

TRANSFER STUDENTS Holt High School is a NCA accredited institution of secondary education. Accreditation affirms a set of standards for our curriculum, faculty, and facilities. Insuring the integrity of a diploma granted by Holt Public Schools is the intent of the following terms regarding transfer credit:  Transfer students shall be granted the credits successfully earned at U.S. Department of Education recognized accredited schools previously attended. G.P.A.’s from such accredited schools will be included for Holt awards and cumulative G.P.A.’s (transfers after first semester of senior year are excluded from awards consideration.)  Transfers from schools that are not accredited by a U.S. Department of Education recognized institution will have credits transferred without the corresponding grades. Only grades earned at Holt High School will be reflected on the Holt High School transcript and considered for awards, scholarships, etc.  Transfers from nontraditional educational settings (e.g., home schools) fall into two categories: 1. First, transcripts issued by an accredited body not recognized by the U.S. Department of Education will be accepted with a maximum of ten credits transferable and no G.P.A. Additionally, Holt High School course placement may be based on pretesting (e.g. district assessments). 2. Second, grades and credits reported without an accredited transcript will not be accepted. A student in this condition will have zero credits and building placement (9th or 10-12) will be based on age and other factors. Holt will require the transfer student meet Holt’s requirements in total credits in the areas of English, Social Science, Mathematics, Science, Physical Education, Fine Arts, Computers, and Electives.

WORK PERMITS Work Permits are available in the student forms rack located on the wall across from the Attendance Office window. A minor must have a work permit on file with his/her employer and the high school. A minor is any student 14 to 17 years old who is not specifically exempted from the Youth Employment Standards Act (P.A. 90 of 1978). The form must be filled out by the employer and the student, and is finished by the representative at the school. Proof of age (via birth certificate or driver’s license) will be required at that time. The minor returns the completed original form to the employer before beginning work. People who are 17 years old and have graduated from high school are exempt from the Child Labor Law and need only present the employer with their diploma and/or birth certificate. A student minor shall not be employed more than a combined school/work week of 48 hours.

Wilson Talent Center Wilson Talent Center (WTC) is a vocational school that trains students from Ingham County for career skill development. Our students attend the home school for half of the school day and the WTC the other half. There is no charge for attending WTC. Work with your counselor in your sophomore year to begin the decision-making process; application is made through the high school counseling office. All students attending the WTC are responsible for the scheduled days of attendance at both Holt High School and the WTC. A calendar for both facilities will be available at the beginning of the school year. Failing to attend on required days could result in the loss of credit from either or both schools. Normally, on half days when students are scheduled for both Holt High School and the WTC, the first responsibility for the attendance of classes is Holt High School, unless there is prior approval through Holt High School for Career Center attendance. Holt High School will not excuse any day of absence from the WTC unless there is a mandatory Holt High School sponsored activity on the same day. In these cases, students need to have prior approval at least one (1) day before the scheduled activity. Holt students are always expected to follow the Holt High School schedule; you will be notified of any exceptions.

In order to encourage the social development of each individual student, HHS provides assorted clubs and organizations that appeal to a wide variety of interests.

The following section lists advisors, as well as short descriptions of clubs and organizations at Holt High School. A student's participation in a club or organization is subject to the Student Code of Conduct or other agreements between the district and the student. A student’s conduct may be subject to any action, but not limited to, the loss of a club trip, i.e. Band trip to Florida, etc.

Participants in clubs and organizations will not be allowed to participate for the season if they have not passed four out of six courses from the previous semester.

Current Clubs and Organizations
  • Band
  • Choir
  • Color Guard
  • Debate
  • Diversity Club
  • Forensics
  • French Club
  • Gay-Straight Alliance
  • National Honor Society
  • Newspaper (Ramparts)
  • Peer Assistance Listeners (PALS)
  • Peer Resistance Program/TATU
  • Plays & Musicals
  • Principal’s Student Advisory Group
  • Quiz Bowl
  • Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD)
  • Science Olympiad
  • Spanish Club
  • Student Council
  • Student Leadership
  • Tech Society
  • Winter Guard Yearbook (Rampages)

BAND Mr. Michael Emerson, director. While the band is considered a credit course in the curriculum, it also is a performing organization and makes public appearances throughout the year. The band marches at football games and in parades, performs in concerts, as well as at State Band and Solo Ensemble festivals during the school year. Members of the band also provide the school with a pep band for pep assemblies and for basketball games. The group is divided into a symphonic band and a concert band after marching season.

CHOIR  Mr. Seth Burk, director. The Choir performs several annual concerts each year and enjoys the reputation of being an outstanding musical organization. It is a credit course which a student may elect.

COLORGUARD A performing unit of the marching band that involves marching, dance, and equipment work. Open to all students, if chosen; must take band class first semester; auditions held in the spring.

DEBATE Mr. Brandon Currin, advisor. The Holt debate squad is open to 9-12 grade students. The league schedule begins in November and ends with the State tournament in December at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. The debate schedule also includes three to four weekend tournaments during the fall season and a spring tournament held every year on Mackinac Island at the Grand Hotel. Students participating in debate will develop expertise in the topic area and will dramatically improve speaking skills, poise and self-confidence.

DIVERSITY CLUB Mrs. Abdullah, Mrs. Hunt, and Mr. Dozier, advisors. The Holt High School Student Diversity Club is a safe space for students to identify problems and discuss issues facing students of color at Holt High School. All students are welcome to join – as long as they can be respectful.

FORENSICS Ms. Lauren Hallett, advisor. The purpose of forensics is to create a forum for students interested in various types of public speaking. Forensics provides an opportunity for students to compete with students from other schools in areas such as: sales speaking, dramatic interpretation, poetry interpretation, broadcasting, impromptu and extempore speech, to name a few. Interested students will meet in the fall to form a team and to prepare for spring competition.

FRENCH CLUB French teachers The purpose of the French Club is to learn more about French people, their culture and language. The club plans a French dinner, a crepes-making party, and other activities as decided on by the members. Members should be taking French.

GAY-STRAIGHT ALLIANCE (G.S.A.) Mr. Dave Runyon / Ms. Erin Umpstead The Holt High School Gay-Straight Alliance is an open and inclusive student club meeting after school most Fridays. The faculty advisors are Dave Runyon and Erin Umpstead, however, the meetings quite often have other faculty members in attendance who are eager to ensure the safety of all their students and give them a safe place to socialize.

NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Mr. Brandon Currin, advisor The purpose of the National Honor Society is to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulate a desire to render service, promote worthy leadership and encourage the development of character in students. Main projects of the Society are Food Drives, Give-a-Kid-a-Coat-Day, Blood Drive, tutoring, acting as hosts for visiting groups and at Parent Teacher Conferences. Freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors are eligible for membership. Honor Society meetings are held at the school during activity hour at the direction of the N.H.S. cabinet. Members are chosen by the faculty on the basis of scholarship, leadership, service and character. All sophomores, juniors and seniors who have achieved the 3.25 GPA eligibility requirement will be notified by mail by the end of first semester. The informational letter will include details on the selection process. Members are then selected on the basis of faculty recommendation, completion of the community service requirement and application essay. To qualify for consideration as a member, you must carry a 3.25 GPA and complete 20 hours of community service before March 1 of the year you desire to be inducted. To continue membership, the member must maintain a 3.25 GPA and complete 20 hours of community service each year. ARTICLE X - DISMISSAL Section 1. The procedure for dismissal shall be determined by the faculty council in compliance with the rules and regulations of the National Honor Society. A written description of the dismissal procedure shall be available to interested parties. Section 2. Members who fall below the standards which were the basis for their selection shall be promptly warned in writing by the chapter advisor and given a reasonable amount of time to correct the deficiency, except that in the case of flagrant violation of school rules or civil laws a member does not necessarily have to be warned. Section 3. The faculty council shall determine when an individual has exceeded a reasonable number of warnings. Section 4. In all cases of impending dismissal, a member shall have a right to a hearing before the faculty council. Section 5. A member who has been dismissed may appeal the decision of the faculty council under the same rules for disciplinary appeals in the school district. Section 6. The National Council and the NASSP shall hear no appeals in dismissal cases. P


Ms. Nicole Lown, advisor Trained high school students assist other teenagers to meet and resolve common adolescent problems. The program is designed to give teenagers knowledge and skills to solve problems with peer help. By working with peers and adults they learn to reach out skillfully in order to be of assistance to those in need.


Ms. Elizabeth Graf, advisor Trained high school students in Peer Resistance Program become role models to the peers and teachers to elementary students in order to convey the dangers of alcoholic and drug use. These students will teach a unit to 5th grade students on how to detect peer pressure and how to resist doing anything you do not feel comfortable doing.

PRINCIPAL’S STUDENT ADVISORY GROUP Mr. Michael Willard, Principal Students work with the high school Administrators to provide feedback on school policies and initiatives.

QUIZ BOWL Mr. Dave Hildebrandt, advisor Students interested in a fast-paced, challenging game of trivia compete against students from other schools. Practices begin in September with practice and competitions continuing through spring. Competition may include WKAR’s Quiz Busters, CAC league competition, Tri-County League competition and the Capital Area Invitational Tournament.

S.A.D.D. Ms. Kellie Sweitzer, advisor Students provide and encourage alternatives to driving while under the influence of alcohol. Officers are appointed and meetings and social activities are held. S.A.D.D. provides parent/student contacts and hot-line cards for students who need transportation while under the influence.

SCIENCE OLYMPIAD Ms. Heather Peterson, advisor The Holt High School Science Olympiad Team has impressive statistics. In past years the team has placed well at Regional and State competitions. A new team is formed early in the school year. Ask a science teacher about joining. SPANISH CLUB Spanish Teachers Spanish Club focuses on learning more about Spanish people, their culture and language. *Should be taking Spanish.

STUDENT COUNCIL Ms. Elizabeth Graf & Ms. Kellie Sweitzer, advisors The primary objective behind the creation of the HHS Student Council is to establish a "student government" that is both efficient and workable. The intent of the Student Council is to further the improvement of the student state of affairs at Holt. The constitution is available in the library and main office. If you have concerns or issues you wish brought to the general student body or the administration, please make your request known to a student council officer.

STUDENT LEADERSHIP TEAM Mr. Nick Johnson, advisor 9-10 grds Students in grades 9-12 work on service learning projects, are intricately involved in fundraising for Challenge Day and are a big part of implementing GO RAMS at the secondary level. The team primarily works on three initiatives during the year: Challenge Day, GO RAMS and United in Social Progress. See Mrs. Weil if you are interested, there is application process and requirements must be met in order to be part of the Student Leadership Team.

TECH SOCIETY Mr. Jeff Miller, advisor We BUILD stuff! And light stuff, and amplify stuff, and fly stuff, and broadcast stuff... in fact, if it's not acting or playing in front of an audience, we do it. Tech Society members may volunteer to work on the high school plays by separate arrangement with the Plays & Musicals account and agree to volunteer their services to help out all Holt Public Schools productions -- concerts, assemblies, elementary plays, etc. or touring shows in the HS theater or JH Pernert Auditorium.

WINTERGUARD A competitive Colorguard that competes during the winter months. Auditions are held in early fall. YEARBOOK Ms. Michelle Fulton, advisor The yearbook staff meets daily. Photographs are selected, pages laid out and copy written. If you are ambitious, responsible, a good writer or good interviewer enroll in the Publications class.

Contact information

  • 24 Hour Attendance Line 694-3446
  • Email: HHS attendance@hpsk12.net
  • Assistant principals Molly Sylvestro and Nick Johnson

A correlative relationship exists between school and class attendance and student learning and academic performance. Learning results not only from reading assignments and performing homework but also from participating in classroom discussions and receiving classroom instruction. Part of the learning process consists of regular school attendance and attendance in class. It is recognized that the impact of pre-planned or excused absences will vary from situation to situation and will have an impact on a student’s grade and academic standing. Students should be responsible for understanding the effect excused absences will have upon their academic standing in each class. All students are expected to attend both school and their scheduled classes regularly.

To encourage regular school attendance, learning and academic performance, the District will record attendance. The District will notify parents/guardians when unexcused absences or tardiness occur via the School Messenger automated system. Students agree to regularly attend and be punctual for classes and school functions. All absences will count toward the allowable limit with the exception of school or religious related absences.

REPORTING AN ABSENCE Absences can be reported and excused by parents/guardians using one of the following methods.

  •  Leave a message on the HHS Main attendance hotline (694-3446) or for seniors at the North Campus (699-7076) •
  • Email the Attendance Office secretary (HHSattendance@hpsk12.net)
  • Write a note and have student bring it to the Attendance Office
  • Provide documentation of appointment/court date/illness, etc. to the attendance office within 48 hours
  • Personally sign student out and notify staff of student pick up

Parents are notified of absences nightly via automated phone message. Parents guardians must verify absences within 48 hours. Please note: Parents are expected to notify the school promptly of extenuating circumstances regarding illness or personal family problems, which may have an effect on attendance. Every effort should be made to schedule routine appointments after school hours, and family vacations should be planned during the holidays outlined on the school calendar. Parents should stress the importance of good attendance with their student and avoid supporting any abuse of the Attendance Policy.

SIGNING IN AND OUT If a student arrives late or must leave early, they must sign in/sign out of school at the Attendance Office. If a student leaves school early the student must provide documentation of their appointment or parental permission to the Attendance Office upon their return to school. Parent documentation must include a telephone number where parents can be contacted during the school day. We encourage parents to come inside the building to sign out their students when leaving early. If this procedure is not followed, absences will not be verified as excused. Students who become ill during the day must report immediately to the Attendance Office for appropriate attention after receiving permission from the teacher. If a student should need to go home, a parent/guardian will be contacted and arrangements will be made. Students may only check out of school through the office. Loitering in an unsupervised location in the school, such as a locker room or bathroom, will be viewed as an unexcused absence or tardy.

PLANNED SCHOOL EVENTS OR ACTIVITIES AUTHORIZED BY THE BUILDING ADMINISTRATOR Students are allowed three (3) college visits per school year. Prior to visiting the college students must get a College Visit Form from the Attendance Office. The form is signed and dated by a college representative on the day of your college visit and must be returned to the Attendance Office upon the student’s return. A parent/ guardian must call the Attendance Office and verify the student’s absence prior to the college visit. All college visits must be completed before May 1st unless approval is obtained from the Attendance Office.

ATTENDANCE MONITORING (PowerSchool Parent Portal) To view student attendance, parents/guardians can download the PowerSchool Parent Portal app or visit the Parent log in. All directions can be found here on the Frequently Asked Technology Questions drop down. 

MAKE-UP WORK If a student’s absence is excused and verified, he/she will be permitted to make up any missed work, including homework and tests. The student will be permitted the same number of days as he/she was absent to turn in the make-up work. The student is responsible for obtaining assignments from his/her teachers. Administration connects with teachers to alert them to longer term absences. 

  • For ALL planned absences, students should obtain their assignments in advance of the absence.
  • For unplanned absences
    • If the absence is less than three (3) days, students are advised to contact the teacher for assignments.
    • Any time a student has a planned long term (three (3) days or more) absence and desires homework assignments, they must give teachers 24-hour notice in order to get work ready for that student. The Attendance Office will support the request.
    • For long-term medical absences, please contact the student’s guidance counselor to arrange for assignments. In cases of long term illness, homebound instruction may apply and can be initiated by contacting the student's counselor with a doctor’s note after five (5) consecutive days absent.

LEGAL BASIS FOR ATTENDANCE A child becoming six years of age before December 1 shall be enrolled on the first school day of the school year in which the child’s sixth birthday occurs. A child becoming six years of age on or after December 1 shall be enrolled on the first school day of the school year that the child’s sixth birthday occurs. (MCLA 380.1561) A child shall not be required to attend the public schools in the following cases:

  • A child who is attending regularly and is being taught in a state-approved non-public school, which teaches subjects comparable to those taught in the public schools to children of corresponding age and grade, as determined by the course of study for the public schools of the district within which the non-public school is located.
  • A child who is regularly employed as a page or messenger in either house of the legislature during the period of the employment.
  • A child under nine years of age who does not reside within 2½ miles by the nearest traveled road of a public school. If transportation is furnished for pupils in the school district of the child’s residence, this exemption does not apply.
  • A child from the age of 12 to the child’s 14 birthday while in attendance at confirmation classes conducted for a period of not to exceed five (5) months in either of those years.
  • A child who is regularly enrolled in the public schools while in attendance at religious instruction classes for not more than two (2) class hours per week, off public school property during public school hours, upon written request of the parent, guardian or person in loco parentis under rules promulgated by the state board. (MCLA 380.1561)

A parent or other person in parental relation who fails to comply with this part is guilty of a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of not less than $5.00 nor more than $50.00 or imprisonment for not less than two (2) nor more than 90 days, or both (MCLA 380.1599) “School authorities may determine that attendance, class participation and similar factors are proper educational values bearing on a student’s academic achievement. It is, therefore, my opinion that a school district, by its agents and employees, may consider attendance in determining a student’s grade in a course.” (Opinion of the Attorney General, no. 5414, 1978)

WITHDRAWAL FROM SCHOOL Student’s planning to transfer from Holt High School to another school will begin the process with Mrs. Blackmer in the Attendance Office. Students may not withdraw from school unless a parent or guardian notifies the school of the withdrawal. Obtain a check out sheet that must be signed by teachers, a counselor and an administrator. All books must be returned or paid for and any outstanding fees or financial commitments taken care of before transcripts and student records can be released or forwarded. Teachers will record earned grades with the counselors. When parents have consented and everything is in order, the student can leave.

RIGHTS, TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF AN EDUCATION WITH HOLT PUBLIC SCHOOLS Legal Basis for an Education By law, the Holt Public School District is authorized to make rules and regulations necessary for the health, safety and welfare of its students, the protection and maintenance of its facilities, and the development and provision of its academic and non-academic programs and activities. The board of a school district shall make reasonable regulations in relation to anything necessary for the proper establishment, maintenance, management, and carrying on of the public schools of the district, including regulations relative to the conduct of pupils concerning their safety while in attendance at school or en route to and from school. (MCLA 380.1300) The board of a school district shall have the general care and custody of the schools and property of the district and shall make and enforce suitable regulations for the general management of the schools and the preservation of the property of the district. (MCLA 380.1261) By law, students have the right to a public education. (MCLA 380.1147) Correspondingly, by law, students are required to attend a public school during the entire school year until a student is sixteen (16) years of age. (MCLA 380.1561) Together, these provisions require the district to provide, and requires the student to receive, an education in a stable learning environment, which encourages individual and collective excellence.

CONTRACTUAL BASIS FOR AN EDUCATION In addition to recognizing the rights and obligations of both the district and the student as a matter of law, this handbook also establishes a contractual agreement between the district, each student and parent to accomplish the common goal of producing an educational system with a stable learning environment that encourages individual and collective excellence. As part of its contractual commitment, Holt Public Schools recognizes that it is obligated to provide an education to students. The district agrees to provide this education, subject to the constitutional rights of students, free from any discriminatory practices, and subject to all recognized rights of equal protection and due process. Students recognize their obligation to attend Holt Public Schools and agree to comply with the rules, and regulations and policies of Holt Public Schools. Students also agree to conduct themselves in a reasonable and mature manner, consistent with the joint goal of the parties. It is recognized that differences in age and maturity require different types of considerations. As students naturally progress through school and advance to an age of maturity, each student will assume a greater responsibility for his or her actions.

NOTIFICATION OF RIGHTS REGARDING STUDENT RECORDS AND STUDENT INFORMATION The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law which gives parents and students over 18 years of age (“eligible students”) four basic rights with respect to the student’s education records:

  1. The right to review a student’s education records within 45 days of the date the district receives a written request addressed to the building principal, which identifies the record(s) to be reviewed. The principal will make arrangements for access and notify the parent or eligible student of the time and place where the records may be reviewed.
  2. The right to request an amendment of a student’s education record that the parent or eligible student believes is inaccurate or misleading. The written request, addressed to the building principal, should clearly identify the part of the record for which amendment is being requested and specify why the record is inaccurate or misleading. If the district decides not to amend the record as requested by the parent or eligible student, the district will notify the parent or eligible student of that decision and of the right to a hearing regarding the request for amendment. Additional information regarding hearing procedures will be provided to the parent or eligible student when notified of the right to a hearing.
  3. The right to consent prior to the disclosure of personally identifiable, non-directory information except to the extent that FERPA authorizes disclosure without consent. This right to prevent the disclosure of information in a student educational record depends upon the nature of the information to be released. Holt Public Schools has the right to release, via print, electronic form including on a school web page or via other media, personally identifiable information which is categorized as directory information, as described below, without consent if a parent or eligible student has not previously objected to the designation of the information as directory information. Holt Public Schools hereby designates and gives public notice that the following shall constitute directory information: The student’s name, address, telephone number, date and place of birth, major field of study, participation in officially recognized activities and sports, weight and height of members of athletic teams, dates of attendance, degrees and awards received, the most recent previous educational agency or institution attended by the student, and other similar information that would not generally be considered harmful or an invasion of privacy if disclosed, such as a photograph. Notice is hereby given of the right of the parent or eligible student to refuse to permit the designation of this information as directory information with respect to that student. Such parent or eligible student must annually inform the district of any objection in writing within 21 school days after the start of each school year. The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 mandates that schools receiving funding under the Act, as is the case with Holt Public Schools, “shall provide on request made by military recruiters or an institution of higher education, access to secondary school student names, addresses and telephone listing.” An eligible secondary school student or the student’s parent may request that the information not be released without prior written consent. If a parent or eligible student objects to the disclosure of directory information, Holt Public Schools will not disclose that information except in accordance with the procedure established for non-directory information. Otherwise, the objection will be deemed waived and such information will be deemed to be directory information that may be disclosed in line with this policy. Holt Public Schools will also disclose directory information from the student educational record of an individual no longer in attendance at Holt Public Schools without advance notice or consent. This objection should be sent to: Erin Quinlan, Director of Human Resources, Holt Administration Offices, 5780 W. Holt Road, Holt MI 48842, Attn: FERPA Compliance Office. The following constitute exceptions to obtaining consent from a parent or eligible student prior to the disclosure of personally identifiable non-directory information. These exceptions are based upon federal law and do not mandate disclosure of the information but make it permissible.
    • To school officials with legitimate educational interest. A school official is a person employed by the district; a person serving on the school board; a person, including a parent or student, or company with whom the district has contracted to perform a special task such as an attorney, auditor, medical consultant or who assists another school official in performing his or her tasks or a parent or student serving an official committee or assisting another school official in performing his or her tasks. A school official has a legitimate educational interest if the official needs to review an education record in order to fulfill his or her professional responsibility.
    • To officials of another school district upon request in which a student seeks or intends to enroll.
    • To educational authorities for audit purposes. d) In connection with an application for a receipt of financial aid.
    • To organizations conducting educational studies. f) To accrediting organizations.
  4. The right to file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education concerning alleged failures by the district to comply with the requirements of FERPA. The name and address of the office that administers FERPA is: Family Policy Compliance U.S. Department of Education 400 Maryland Avenue, SW Washington, DC 20202-4605 For further informational detail on parental and student rights regarding student educational records, see Holt Public Schools Board Policy B5058. Each school office has a board policy book that contains Policy B5058.

It is the practice of Holt Public School District to use a “No Spray” guideline for the use of pesticides in any areas where children or staff are present. In certain emergencies, pesticides may have to be used. We use two methods of notification. The first method is a posting in a common area located by the main office of the school. The second method is via email. If you need prior notification by email, please request a notification form from your child’s school main office. The Michigan Department of Agriculture requires the following notice: Parents & guardians of children attending school are to be notified by school administrators of the right to be informed prior to any application of a pesticide at their school. If you need a prior notification form, please contact the Facilities Office at the Administration Building, 5780 W. Holt Road, Holt MI 48842, 517-694-3602.

The Holt Public School District has conducted an extensive asbestos survey of all buildings and continues to monitor all remaining asbestos containing materials. This is accomplished through periodic surveillance and a re- inspection every three years. Based on the findings of these inspections a management plan was drafted and is available for public review at each school building office during normal business hours.

Detailed information regarding Holt Public Schools Board of Education policies and procedures can be obtained from the Administration Building at 5780 W. Holt Road (across the road from the high school). You can also find Board Policies at the HPS website