PowerSchool Info & Support

PowerSchool Parent & Student Portal

PowerSchool App: District Code = MFQW

  • Version 22.5.x or higher is needed for it to work.
  • Older versions
    • Generate an error upon opening 
    • Forms will be unavailable
  • Delete the older version and reinstall the new.  

New Parent Accounts

  • Created in the building where your child attends
  • Contact the building Secretary for assistance


  • Chromebook/Computer username & password
  • Do NOT include @hpsk12.net 
  • The email address that is on file with the District
  • Parent Password Reset Directions 
  • If, within 3 - 5 minutes, you do not receive an email with a link to reset your password, contact the secretary in the building where your child attends.

Username Incorrect Error

Forms allow parents/guardians to easily and securely complete District paperwork and sign up for student activities.

PowerSchool is most robust on the website.

  • Tutorials to complete/update back-to-school forms via a web browser

The app is limited but convenient to check grades and monitor attendance and complete forms. 

  • The interface varies based on mobile phone model.
  • Directions using an app, which should look similar enough to other mobile apps.  
    • Log into PowerSchool app
    • From the Dashboard, look for more...
    • Choose Forms
    • Open the one that needs to be completed
    • Follow prompts 
    • IMPORTANT  - For progress to be saved, when opening links 
      • Press down on the link > choose “Open Link”
    • Submit when finished.


Viewing Attendance & Grades for Students in Grades TK-6

PowerSchool Student and Parent Portal User Guide

  • Detailed information on what students and parents can do 
  • Page 3 has a table of contents that may be helpful.