Work Permits

Need a Work Permit?

PDF DocumentCA-7 Michigan Work Permit and Age Certificate (for minors 16 & 17 years of age)

PDF DocumentCA-6 Michigan Work Permit and Age Certificate (for minors UNDER 16 years of age)

Don’t have access to a computer or a printer?

Copies of both forms are available in the black/yellow tub outside the front entrance at the Holt High School, Main Campus. Please make sure to take the age appropriate copy; only one per student please.

Processing Procedure:

  1. Minor obtains WP and completes Section I.
  2. Minor takes WP to Employer/Person proposing to employ the minor to complete Section II.
  3. Employer/Person gives Work Permot back to minor to return to school for verification a. THIS REQUIRES AN APPOINTMENT. To set up an appointment please contact
    1. Christine Laverty, Holt High School - 517.694.2162
    2. Laura Brandt, Main Office, Holt High School - 517-699-6929
  4. School makes a copy of the WP and returns original to the minor
  5. Minor gives completed original WP to Employer/Person listed in Section II.